Best Laptops Without Bloatware

Currently, the laptops without bloatware are in high demand in the vast global technology market.

One of the main reasons a laptop can’t get up to speed as fast as it should is unnecessary bloatware.

Bloatware is all that software included in a device. That is much more common in mobile phones; however, it can be on desktop computers.

Reasons Behind Bloatware: The reason laptops have bloatware is due to specific cases of native applications or any updates in Windows.

One of the main reasons for the presence of bloatware in Windows is that it is usually a developer who pays for the manufacturer to put it on the computer.

Best Laptops Without Bloatware Reviews

The choice of the best laptops without bloatware goes through a long and complex comparison process.

Only the most expert and knowledgeable on the subject can make recommendations for the best laptops.

1. Microsoft Surface Book 2

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This laptop is no ordinary piece of equipment but perfect for all those professionals who always have a task-intensive occupation.

When this model from Microsoft hit the market, it surprised everyone by being a complete laptop that can separate very easily.

Thanks to the technology and design of this device, the keyboard can be detached and turn this notebook into a tablet.

Surface Book 2 has a similar design to other models before this laptop but contains better features.

It is a high-end device that uses the latest processors and motherboards that allow people to experience better performance.

It is a very expensive laptop due to its system with excellent power, and the features are the best on the market.

This Surface laptop is the only one with two different screen size options.

People with this team will find themselves in the presence of a relentless Microsoft model on almost every front, but still not without its limitations.

It is one of the Best Laptops without Bloatware in 2022 that people can buy if money is not the problem.

Ignoring the small handicaps, this equipment has a remarkable hardware configuration even for the enjoyment of video games.

The battery has great autonomy, but this hurts the weight of the device as a whole.

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2. Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

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It is usually taken as a laptop of the last option by all those searching for a fast device to carry out intensive tasks.

For lovers of video and photo editing, this laptop is undoubtedly the best option they can get in the market.

The overall design presented by the Surface 3 is modern, elegant, and has some very practical features.

It is another of the Best Laptops without Bloatware that offers users a much faster performance for any activity.

It is a curious convertible laptop that has much lighter weight than previous models. Speed, storage, and performance are some of the most notable features in improvements and innovations.

There are no new surprises in this notebook, but still, it presents a greater sense of solidity and improvements that correct defects of past models.

It maintains the good virtues of the past where the construction continues to be impeccable.

The Surface 3 is a solid proposition, but one that is overpriced for the hardware features it offers.

It is rated as a “Lite” or “Mini” version because it is essentially what it is.

The Surface 3 is much smaller and more manageable, but this does not mean that it is a positive aspect in its entirety.

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3. Microsoft Surface Go

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This Microsoft model is one of the most portables in the current market, having very comfortable and ideal measurements.

Despite being small in size, it has many features and is a perfect system for always on the go.

A very important feature that it shares with other types of Surface is a kickstand that is useful for working or watching movies.

The system that includes the Surface Go contains a powerful battery that can last about 9 hours; In addition, the complete Windows 10 is pre-installed.

That allows all users to have all Windows applications and use them at certain times.

At any time, the user can decide to change the entire Windows 10 operating system at no cost.

Although the price can be steep compared to other laptops, it is a cheap Surface that people can get.

For those people who are considering portability in Best Laptops Without Bloatware reviews, this model should consider.

Without being a bad device at all, this laptop model has room for improvement in many areas.

It’s a very beautiful machine that gives everyone a great Windows 10 experience on just a 10-inch tablet.

This laptop model puts all the good things about the Surface Pro 6 in a much smaller and more affordable package.

4. Microsoft Surface Pro 6

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It is a standard laptop for anyone who wants much more improved performance.

The main reason this model outperforms other laptops is that it doesn’t come with unnecessary slowdown software.

Microsoft Surface products can be very expensive, and this model is the perfect example of this. However, this is due to its excellent characteristics and performance.

This laptop offers users full support for Windows 10, ensuring the enjoyment of all the operating system functions.

The Surface Pro 6 comes with totally impressive features which 128GB of storage offers an ideal space.

It is a model that has very lightweight and allows easy movement. However, others are more portable.

Thanks to the powerful 13-hour battery life with normal use, graphic design or game work can proceed normally.

It doesn’t matter if you are a designer, professional, or student; the system is equipped with all the functions that you will need.

In terms of performance and value for money, this model is one of the Best Laptops without Bloatware on the market.

The speed is present in this model of Surface, along with the durability thanks to the battery.

However, it is not the generational leap that many users were expecting from Microsoft.

5. Microsoft Surface Pro 7

That is one of the latest Surface flagship products that contains superior features to all its predecessor models.

Microsoft I Surface Pro 7

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The Surface Pro 7 can be transformed from a laptop to a tablet by turning the hinges (provides different options for using the system).

The keyboard can be easily detached as a full tablet, ideal for certain jobs and unusual places.

This device’s RAM starts from 4 GB, but people can upgrade to 8 GB and even 16 GB. It offers 128GB, 512GB, or 1TB SSD storage options, being these powerful for the system.

Each update that users wish to carry out will have an additional cost that must paY separately.

It is a laptop/tablet made with different processors, including 4-core i7 and 4-core i5. With a full charge of this laptop, it can take up to 10 hours before discharge.

Overall, for those wishing to get the Best Laptops without Bloatware, the Surface Pro 7 is recommended for its multiple upgrade options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which brand has the least bloatware?

Generally speaking, bloatware is not a problem for those who don’t mind reinstalling the operating system.

Currently, this option is totally free for all users and exceedingly easy for Windows 10. All the big brands have certain amounts of bloatware, but dozens of boutique builders do not carry any bloatware.

There are, AFAIK, Microsoft exclusive edition laptops that are the only ones that guarantee a clean, freshly installed operating system.

How do I get rid of bloatware on my new laptop?

One of the main and major drawbacks when purchasing a phone or laptop is the presence of bloatware.

This problem can be much more extensive if it is a low-end device or laptop with limited space and limited performance.

All those who want to eliminate bloatware from their laptop with Windows 10 can go to different, very simple options.

If the manufacturer’s settings cause the bloatware, reinstalling Windows can free up all the PUAs.

What is the best bloatware remover?

There are many free bloatware removers for Windows that can help people remove this software from laptops.

Few of these ask users for permission before they proceed to clean the laptops. They do the procedure automatically.

Some of the bloatware removers for Windows provide a rating of all the installed applications and are rated according to their uselessness.

Do Lenovo laptops come with bloatware?

Since 2015, the Lenovo company decided to say goodbye to bloatware on all its laptops in a definitive way.

This decision was very well received and classified as positive by all the loyal fans of the electronic equipment of this world-renowned brand.

The basic software was maintained so that they and each of their complements could function (in addition to the security software).


Laptops without bloatware 2022 are few and far between, with Microsoft Surface leading the way. The first thing you’ll notice about this clean machine is how much space it takes up. There are different models to suit the needs of workers, students, and designers in bloatware-free laptops.

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