Best Laptops for Starcraft 2

Getting the best laptop for Starcraft 2 can be a very complex task due to the wide variety of options that exist in the market.

Only a good laptop with superior features can consider for a few years of gaming and entertainment.

The first title in the Starcraft series attracted many gamers who became fans and played for up to 10 years.

A good dose of competitive spirit comes out in all the players who begin to play this second installment of the title.

Best Laptops for Starcraft 2 Reviews

  • Best Overall: MSI GV62 i5-8300H Laptop
  • Runner Up: Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop
  • Affordable: Acer TravelMate P4 TMP414-51-506U
  • Best Battery Life: ASUS ZenBook 13 Ultra-Slim Laptop
  • Best Brightness: Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop

In this guide, you will find the 6 best laptops that are ideal for playing Starcraft 2 with a difference in budget and features.

Using the best laptop for Starcraft 2 will ensure that the game unfolds best and provides more opportunities for the players.

1. MSI GV62 i5-8300H Laptop

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MSI has a laptop for almost any type of consumer. It is no stranger to the choices of its consumers and demands. 

The GV62 line is positioned as a well-equipped entry-level gaming laptop with medium specs.

This machine’s combination of internal components is normal for this type of gaming notebook with slightly higher prices.

Based on all the internal components and their price, this laptop model competes directly with other types of gaming devices.

Everyone can immerse themselves in another world right now, thanks to MSI’s NTSC display technology.

All the games that can play from this laptop can be projected with excellent colors that give it more life.

MSI is known for offering multiple options to satisfy almost any need of all its clients.

The GV62 has very little to offer that it cannot find in the other MSI lines on the market.

Other notebook models from MSI aside, the GV62 is an entry-level gaming machine with quite a few components.


  • Screen size: 16 inches
  • Operating system: Windows 10 Home
  • Color: black
  • Hard disk size: 1,000 GB
  • Number of processors: 1
  • Human interface input: touch keyboard


  • Contains an excellent SteelSeries keyboard
  • Outside temperatures are low
  • Wide selection of ports

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2. Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop

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These types of inexpensive laptops can show everyone that they have excellent quality despite their low prices.

These mid-range machines are the most likely that people will be able to buy them for some incredible prices.

Thanks to the good balance between the latest components and affordability, this laptop is a pocket-friendly option.

It is an excellent option for all those looking for mid-range machines but who feel like a professional.

Acer is a company that sells its laptops in various configurations with dedicated processors and graphics for different games.

This laptop model is extremely competitive because it meets all the requirements that people would want in a daily machine.

This Acer notebook model is an excellent option for all those looking for a mid-range machine that does not cost much.

There are a wide variety of configurations available in this series of notebooks, meaning that it can be adapted to the users’ needs.

It includes some very recent components. It has a great design, and the battery life is particularly good compared to other predecessor models.


  • Screen size: 15.6 inches
  • Operating system: Windows 10 Home
  • Human interface input: keyboard
  • CPU manufacturer: AMD
  • Color: Silver
  • Number of processors: 4
  • Connectivity technology: USB 3 1 Gen 1 port; USB 2 0 ports; HDMI port with HDCP support and 802 11AC Wi-Fi


  • Has updated components
  • A good quality in its construction
  • Performance is very decent

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3. Acer TravelMate P4 TMP414-51-506U

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It is no news that the Acer company is battling other famous brands in the business notebook market.

The TravelMate series is becoming increasingly popular every day, and there are many excellent reasons for this.

Very apparently, Acer does not want to be left behind, which is why it continues to update its line with the best and latest technology.

This Acer notebook model comes equipped with a line of Intel’s Tiger Lake processors around 10nm.

It contains a highly resistant keyboard to any type of liquid spill; Simply put, it’s a laptop built like a tank.

This unit comes with a 1080p IPS panel and lasts about 15 hours on the included battery power alone.

The best thing about this laptop model is not the power it provides to people, but the great ease of use.

The spill-resistant keyboard is a vital aspect for all those who use this machine throughout the day.

The fingerprint reader, WI-Fi 6, and the smart card reader are very innovative aspects.


  • Screen size: 14 inches
  • Operating system: Windows 10 Pro
  • Human interface input: keyboard
  • CPU manufacturer: Intel
  • Hard disk size: 512 GB
  • Number of processors: 4


  • Has a good battery life
  • There is an integrated fingerprint reader with the power button
  • Does not use PWM for brightness adjustment

4. ASUS ZenBook 13 Ultra-Slim Laptop

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This new ASUS laptop model is on the market with an OLED screen that is very vibrant and has the latest innovative internals.

This notebook’s true advantage and fame begin with its affordable price, which makes it very likely that it is the cheapest OLED machine.

It is one of the best laptops with 13 inches and is available in the gaming market competing with other large machines.

Many people may worry that performance, battery life, or build quality will sacrifice for price.

That is not the case; despite this laptop having some drawbacks, generally, it is an excellent machine that will be very useful for many.

This ZenBook OLED is equipped with AMD and is an excellent value due to its innovative and eye-catching display (1080p).

Although it has many obstacles and shortcomings, they are problems that people can avoid completely and without any problems.

For those who need an ultra-portable with a more than excellent screen and that the equipment lasts all day, the ASUS ZenBook 13 is the most ideal.


  • Screen size: 13.3 inches
  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Human interface input: keyboard
  • CPU manufacturer: Intel
  • Color: black
  • Hard disk size: 1,152 GB
  • Connectivity technology: HDMI 2.0b; Thunderbolt 4 via USB Type C; Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax); Bluetooth 5.0; USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A, and Micro SD card reader HDMI 2.0b


  • Battery lasts stellar
  • The OLED screen is very beautiful thanks to its 1080p
  • The built-in IR camera is used for facial recognition

5. Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop

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Here is the latest laptop in the Nitro 5 series from the Acer company that consists of machines on the market for a low price.

It offers a great level of performance that is relatively high with very reasonable power consumption.

This Nitro 5 model takes up a bit more space than most other notebooks with very similar hardware.

Overall, this is a very powerful, compact, and lightweight laptop that comes at an incredibly affordable price.

Although its big weak point is the battery, it gives people a solid 5 hours of autonomy under load.

Acer wanted to achieve a good price-performance ratio with this notebook by using and incorporating an RTX 3060.

The matte black plastic surfaces make this notebook look dim enough; the angular design is not boring at all.

The build quality of this equipment is at a very good level, and all input devices are usable.

Without a doubt, the main attraction of the Nitro 5 is the NVIDIA that the Acer company put in this low-priced gaming laptop.


  • Screen size: 15.6 inches
  • Operating system: Windows 10 Home
  • Human interface input: keyboard
  • CPU manufacturer: Intel
  • Color: black
  • Number of processors: 4
  • Chipset brand: NVIDIA
  • Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • CPU type: Core i5


  • The monitor is full HD and contains no frames
  • Very light and easy to transport to other places
  • The 8 GB of RAM makes this laptop very powerful

6. Acer Predator Helios 300 Laptop

As gaming laptops become more powerful, people may get a simple system with a larger screen.

Acer Predator Helios 300 (3)

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This 17-inch laptop from Acer belongs to a group of lofty machines, yet it is an ultra-fast graphics giant.

The Predator PH317 gets a 1TB hard drive over the SSD and has a great 256GB base model when it comes to storage.

Those excited about a bigger screen and ample storage space; should consider this model for the helper function.

This laptop is designed for all those who need speeds for different video game titles.

Get to beat the competition with the latest 7th Gen Intel Core processor model, plus NVIDIA graphics.

This laptop model from the Acer company brings very modest improvements over the previous model, both in performance and design.

The more robust features do largely undermine all the competition from laptops that have Pascal support.

Currently, other much more powerful alternatives contain graphics cards, better 4K screens, and much more elegant designs.


  • Screen size: 17.3 inches
  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Human interface input: touch keyboard
  • CPU manufacturer: Intel
  • Color: black
  • Number of processors: 4
  • Hard disk size: 1,000 GB


  • Provides very solid gaming performance
  • Contains the latest graphics card
  • It has good aesthetics

How to Pick Right Laptops for Starcraft 2?

People who want to enjoy the best experiences in superior video games on laptops should have the best on the market. To choose the Best Laptop for Starcraft 2 in 2022, the following aspects must take into account:


The good news for gamers is that Starcraft 2 is an old game and only needs a little power.

However, this does not mean that the CPU should completely ignore it. Experts recommend that gamers buy an Intel Core i5 or a Ryzen 5 for higher speeds in Starcraft 2.

The processor is the second component that has the importance of getting to boost the FPS in SC2.

Gamers who care about frame rates without any compromises will do well with a Ryzen 7 or an Intel Core 7.


Choosing a RAM for the laptops that will be responsible for playing the Starcraft 2 game is very easy and simple.

After the most suitable CPU and graphics card have been chosen, players should consider the total amount of RAM. For Starcraft 2, 8GB is good enough for those on a very tight budget.

Those who don’t want to upgrade laptops a bit later can opt for 16GB RAM (recommended).

People who can afford to go for 32GB RAM will be future-proofing their laptops. It is an affordable RAM and not as expensive as it is expected to be.

Graphics Card

There is a wide and wide variety of graphics card models on the market to suit all the needs of gamers.

Those who want to spend a little money on this component should get the GTX 1660 Ti, an excellent choice for Starcraft 2. Other graphics cards that can help are the RTX 2060, 2070, and 3060.

Screen Display

A laptop with a decent full HD screen should be more than enough for gamers to enjoy Starcraft 2.

Gamers can count on two types of laptop screens: IPS or TN. TN displays are less expensive but offer lower color accuracy; IPSs are much more expensive but offer better views.

Update Frequency

It is not recommended that players choose a Starcraft 2 laptop based on update frequencies.

That will not be a problem for the SC2. For those who want a high-end gaming laptop, a 120 Hz screen is recommended.


Those looking for the best laptop storage to play Starcraft 2 should know that it is not that complicated.

This game of strategy doesn’t make much sense that you get the fastest SSD.


Only a laptop for the Starcraft 2 game can consider for a few years of gaming. For this reason, the most powerful one should choose. The best laptop for Starcraft 2 reviews will guarantee a much wider possibility on the opponents to all the players. This guide contains the six laptops recommended for their ability to develop Starcraft 2 without any problem.

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