Asus VS Dell: What’s The Difference? July 2022 – Updated!

A laptop is one of those products whose market is expanding day by day. In the run of being great, many brands came forward and competed well.

Of the many well-known brands, ASUS and Dell are the high-end markers. Both these brands are good at producing the desired laptop for their users. Then why do we need to discuss ASUS vs Dell?

Asus VS Dell – Be Catchy To Understand!

The main difference between ASUS VS Dell is that both brands are famous and proved secure for users. But most people want to dig down to know which brand is better.

Keep in mind, one brand might outreach the other in some features but it will lack in others.

This is because the competition between both manufactures is quite high, as both are just awesome.

In this section, we compare these two brands to see which one is better suited for you as an individual consumer or business owner.

Have you ever compared some features on any models of both brands? Well, most people do so to get a rough idea about perfection.

When it comes to ASUS vs Dell, both are putting forward their sublime products.

But in which respects Dell is better than ASUS? And how ASUS is now trending over Dell?

To get the answers to all these questions, you need to stick with us. We are going to compare ASUS and Dell in many major features.

Further, we will also discuss that which brand is good to use for which specific fields such as programming, business, gaming, and everyday use. Let’s discuss this in detail!

Comparison Of ASUS And Dell In Major Key Features

First of all, we need to check out the key features of each brand and compare them.

This thing will enable us to better understand which brand is best in offering a specific feature.

Keep in mind that we are just going to see the excellence. And it never means that the other brand isn’t good.

Stick with us to go through some major features to know the specificities of each brand.

#1. Built-In Quality

ASUS Is Best

On the other hand, ASUS is making its place by providing a combination of quality and features.

They have maintained the price in a way that their highly powerful and even best gaming models are moderately priced.

Flagship Asus Zenbook 14
ASUS ZenBook 13 Ultra-Slim


  • RAM: 16GB DDR
  • Storage: 1TB SSD
  • CPU: AMD Octa-Core Ryzen 7 4700U
  • Display: 14″ FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS Anti-glare Display 100% RGB
  • GPU: AMD Radeon Graphics
  • Battery Life: More than 16 hours
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In actuality, ASUS is making greater leads because they prefer innovation. No matter you’re getting a high-end or lower-end product by ASUS, quality remains maintained throughout all models.

Dell Is Good

Dell is basically famous for the quality they offer. In terms of work laptops, Dell outstands its competitors especially when it comes to their ultra-portable laptops.

For instance, Dell’s Ultrabooks come with powerful specifications and manage to work great and longer than many other laptops.

So, Dell is producing all kinds of high-end laptops to meet the needs of college students, business individuals, or everyday use.

ASUS ZenBook 13 Ultra-Slim
Flagship Asus Zenbook 14


  • RAM: 16GB LPDDR3
  • Storage: 512 SSD
  • Exclusive ErgoLift design
  • The 13. 3” Full HD NanoEdge display
  • 8th generation Intel Core i7-8565U processor
  • Battery Life: More than 13 hours
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In this way, Dell is excellent to produce high processing power-based computers for those who are in search. But their high-end laptops are a bit costlier than ASUS, which might not be a big deal for many!

#2. Types Of Components

Now it’s time to compare the components on ASUS and Dell.

ASUS Stays Best

The ASUS is taking the heart of users due to their nature of incorporating at least quad-core processors even in the low-budget models.

This thing gives them an appreciable distinction over the Dell competitors. So, even at a low price, you can get multitasking laptops to better suit your studentship or business needs.

Moreover, ASUS is proved excellent in producing laptops components to enable better gaming. If you want to buy the best laptop for modeling then read Best Laptop For Banking.

One such handy component which they add is the “NVIDIA Max-Q GPU” which is superb to optimize performance and graphics to offer the users with best gaming experience.

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They also prefer to add a touchscreen system in their high-end models. And the full HD LED display is the most prominent component which is there even their medium-ranged models. One such model is ZenBook that offers excellent performance and high-quality display.

Dell Meets Your Needs

On the other side, the type of components DELL produces entirely depends on the price tag. Shortly, you can say that the more you pay the better components you will get on your device.

Dell is famous for its AMD and Intel processors. But their low-budget laptops aren’t that good as ASUS.

Whilst their high-end laptops are packaged with the latest hardware to stand among the competitors.

#3. Products Diversity

Another thing which we can compare between ASUS and Dell is the variety of products.

ASUS Is Leading

When it comes to variety, you can always get an ASUS model to meet your needs. So, no matter what you need, you can get a wide range of ASUS laptops to accomplish all.

ASUS ROG Strix G17
 ASUS ROG Strix G17


  • RAM: 16GB DDR4
  • Storage: 1TB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD
  • 17.3” Full HD 1920×1080 IPS-Type Display
  • Latest 5th Gen AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX Processor
  • Battery Life: More than 13 hours 20 minutes
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Whether you’re in search of an expensive high-end model or have a very tight budget, ASUS can excellently hold your back.

Another good thing about this brand is that they are proved excellent in making gaming laptops. And the company frequently sends updates to introduce new features for its users.

Dell Is Friendly

Whilst, Dell is a trusted brand if you’re a variety lover. The good thing about this brand is that if you can’t find an appropriate model for your needs, you can request a company to build one for you.

In this way, you can get all the desired components which you need.

Dell XPS 13 7390
 Dell XPS 13 7390


  • RAM: 16GB LPDDR3
  • Storage: Available in 512 and 1TB SSD
  • 13.3 Inches Full HD 1920×1080 IPS-Type Display
  • USB3. 0, 3. 1 Type-C, Thunderbolt
  • Battery Life: More than 12 hours
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Keeping this aside, Dell is no less than ASUS in producing a variety of different brands. Whether you’re going to get a laptop for everyday use or business tricks, Dell is always there for you.

#4. Layout And Style

On the clear ground, the design and look of laptops mostly vary from model to model. But all brands prefer to give different designs to their models compared to others.

ASUS Offers Sleekness

In this run, ASUS is a highly trustable name. They produce stunning laptops which look classier.

Another good thing about this company is that each model differs in style from its predecessors.

Moreover, we tested and found their products highly durable as they carved them using sturdier materials. So, you can expect to keep them with you for years to come.

If you want to look at the super stylish and lightweight ASUS laptops, simply search for ZenBook and ROG Zephyrus.

Dell Is Just Enough

However, Dell isn’t that great in terms of designs. Their laptops aren’t that attractive and stylish.

Even their high-end models have the same boring design as the cheaper models.

Remember, I’m using the word “boring’ not ugly. So, you might love the design if you haven’t used or like the designs that Dell produces.

Simply you can say that they aren’t too best in designs but at the same time, they aren’t the worst. These days, some high-end models have somehow attractive designs such as the Alienware series.

#5. Modernization

Being latest is the key which is the only way to keep the users stick to any brand.

ASUS Brings Innovations

When it comes to bringing revolutions, ASUS is excellently doing great. They are always best at producing innovative products for their users.

Most of the ASUS-produced models are so innovative that you won’t find similar features in the models of any other brand.

Asus vs Dell

Another thing is lightweight construction. The brand which brings more lightweight and stable models becomes the eye of the whole market. And ASUS stood high in this regard.

Dell Is A Shinning Star

Unquestionable, Dell is also good is introducing new ideas and new components for their users.

Dell is now making new models which are slimmer, lightweight, and have all the high-end features which a user can expect.

Comparison Table Of Dell XPS 15 9500 And Flagship Asus ROG Zephyrus 15 (Asus VS Dell)

[su_table responsive=”yes”]

New Dell XPS 15 9500 Flagship Asus ROG Zephyrus 15
‎15 Inches ‎15.6 Inches
3840×2400 Pixels ‎1920×1080 Pixels
‎RAM 16 GB DDR4 ‎24 GB DDR
‎NVIDIA GTX 1650Ti NMDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Max-Q 6GB GDDR6
Weight ‎‎6 pounds ‎Weight 4.63 pounds
‎Price $2,999.99 Price $2,274.99


Although they introduce new models quite late, always remains best in incorporating new components. Dell stood higher in the field of innovation due to their produced turbo boost processors.

And the infinity edge screen is another unmatched revolution. Shortly, you can say that Dell has been a shining star in the world of technological innovation.

#6. Customer Support

Customer support is the most useful thing which can hold you back in an hour of need. Well, not all brands are focusing on this thing.

ASUS Isn’t Admissible

One such name which isn’t that great in providing the best customer support is ASUS.

This doesn’t mean they aren’t providing any support at all. They have both telephonic and website-based support systems.

But their website is quite difficult to navigate. Most people who land on their website for help don’t remain able to successfully find the corner to add their inquiry.

Moreover, their telephonic support is very poor in receiving calls and responding well to users.

Dell is Legend

In terms of customer support, Dell is unmatched in this arena. They are too excellent in this field that almost all other manufacturers love to take advice from Dell on how to perfectly deal with customers.

This is true that their products also come with issues. But they are too quick to resolve them. They never delay in providing new spare components to their users.

[su_note note_color=”#f8f85a” text_color=”#000000″]Stunningly, if your laptop is under warranty, they can also offer you a new device. But your issue must be their fault, not yours. This thing keeps the customers more loyal to the brand.[/su_note]

#7. Price Range

To be clear, the price range is another area where you need to know about each brand.

ASUS Is Attractive

When it comes to price range, ASUS has smartly maintained the price range for their models.

They have a variety of models ranging from low t high prices. So, no matter what your budget is, you can get an attractive ASUS model for your needs.

Dell Is Inviting

As far as Dell is concerned, their models are a bit expensive than ASUS. But variety is also there to offer you different laptops in different price ranges.

ASUS vs Dell-Price Rang

So, you have complete freedom to choose your dreamy model as per your budget. But remember to hold a bit more while going for Dell.

Comparison Of ASUS And Dell For Different Fields

Now it’s time to see which brand is best for which field. This thing will greatly help you to get an idea about the specificity of ASUS and Dell.

Although both brands produce good laptops for almost all kinds of uses, one could be better than the other in some respects. Let’s discuss this in detail!

#1. ASUS VS Dell For Programming

As programming has different needs which you might not have to face in simple works. That’s why most brands are producing dedicated laptops for programming.

For effective programming, one must need a device with many possible cores, responsive memory, and higher core-clock speed. To provide you with all the features both ASUS and Dell produce devices for programming.

ASUS is Emerging

ASUS is making its name by providing dedicated laptops to use in almost all fields. Following the trend, they also come up with excellent laptops for programming.

[su_youtube url=””]

One such high-end laptop is ZenBook Classic. This laptop is based on a 10th generation and i5 processor to meet the programming needs. You can find their laptops excellent in this regard. And their newer models are even stunning and good to use by field experts.

Dell is Rooted

Dell is the historic brand in manufacturing unequaled laptops for programming. Most programmers trust Dell because they or their linked persons are satisfied with the performance.

Another thing is the look, dell mostly doesn’t focus much on look. And the programmers don’t need stylish laptops, they need features to do their task.

The most excellent laptop for programming is Dell XPS 15, which has an i7 processor with 10th generation. And the Dell Inspiron 7391 is another name in this regard, which is also a 10th generation but i5 processor.

#2. ASUS VS Dell For Gaming

On the clear ground, gaming devices differ from other devices in respect to being much faster and convenient. As gaming PCs are now taking a major place, so almost all brands produce gaming laptops.

The fact is that most companies update gaming laptops more frequently than other models. Let’s discuss which one of the ASUS and Dell is best for gaming.

ASUS Is Perfect For Gamers

Out in the open, most gamers love to have high-end features for gaming in a sleek design. And ASUS is perfect in introducing innovative designs for their models.

Unquestionably, the components which they incorporate are superb for the needs. So, a flare of style attracts more users.

ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo UX581
ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo UX581 | ASUS vs Dell


  • RAM: 16GB DDR4
  • Storage: Available in 1TB SSD
  • 14 inch 4K matte touchscreen
  • 10th generation Intel Core i7-10750H Processor
  • Battery Life: More than 10 hours with browsing
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That’s why ASUS is making more prominent leads in the field of gaming compared to Dell.

Moreover, excellent display and customizable backlit are now the demands of gamers. Stunningly, ASUS is accomplishing all the needs of extensive gamers. For instance, their ROG Zephyrus line has the heart of gamers.

Dell Is Awesome For Gaming

Dell is also a well-known brand in the eye of gamers. Dell intended to produce dedicated laptops for gaming by providing a high-end display, good memory, and higher core-clock speed.

New Dell XPS 15 9500
ASUS vs Dell-New Dell XPS 15 9500


  • RAM: 16GB LPDDR3
  • Storage: Available in 512 and 1TB SSD
  • 16:10 display that features a stunning display
  • VESA certified DisplayHDR 400, and Dolby Vision
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 6 is tough
  • Battery Life: More than 9 hours
Check On Amazon

Although Dell incorporates quality components in their models, they don’t offer many stylish shapes. Well, this trend is now greatly changing and newer

Dell’s gaming models are also good-looking. But the price range of Dell gaming laptops is higher than ASUS, so the choice is yours.

The well-praised Dell gaming laptops series are Alienware and G series.

#3. ASUS VS Dell For Business

Rooted in, the people who are more into business are in search of dedicated business laptops. They differ from everyday laptops in terms of their speed to execute data and the provided storage space. But of the ASUS and Dell, which one is good for businesses?

ASUS Is Satisfactory

On a clear note, ASUS is famous for its nature to include remarkable components in each model. So, almost all laptops can be used for business purposes.

But the dedicated laptops for higher business are still lacking in the field. ASUS excellently maintains the style along with the quality. But sleekness isn’t the major concern of most businessmen.

ASUS ExpertBook, ASUS ZenBook, and ASUS VivoBook are some of the good series to choose from for business people.

Dell In Awesome

Dell has always been a priority choice while choosing a business laptop. They excellent produce business laptops that come with a comfortable keyboard, durable chassis, and necessary high-end components.

Well, security is the main concern for most business people. And Dell is smartly taking it into count to satisfy the business community.

They intended to ass dynamic security features perks in their business-related models. Dell Latitude 7420, and Dell Precision 7550 are the most excellent models for business usage.

#4. ASUS VS Dell For Everyday Use

In terms of everyday use, almost all brands have plenty of laptops for the purpose. Following the trend, both ASUS and Dell have dozens of models to hold you back in everyday usage.

ASUS Is Smashing

To get your act together, ASUS is proved excellent to offer a variety of models to users who intended to get a laptop for basic needs.

As most everyday users just need to browse some data, play videos, and download the relevant stuff, so average-level laptops can also work best for them. And the ASUS has dozens of such models.

Another thing is the price range which always remains a concern for daily level users. Compared to Dell, ASUS offers laptops is low prices.

So, it could be the best option for you. Asus Chromebook Flip C436 and Asus ROG Flow X13 are best for everyday usage.

Dell Is Passable

Unquestionably, Dell produces smart models for their smart users. They have a wide range of laptops with different specifications.

So, an everyday user can get any kind of display, memory, screen size, and durability. But one thing that can rest you aside is the price. Dell isn’t that cheap in offering laptops for everyday use.

If you have good to spend, then Dell is good to accept. Some good Dell models for everyday use are Dell XPS 13, and Dell G5 15.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Asus Better Than Dell?

In terms of chipsets, both companies have Intel and AMD options. ASUS is known for having slightly higher quality than Dell, but many of the well-known components overlap. If you consider components, both brands are best.

Is Asus A Chinese Company?

On the clear ground, ASUS is a Taiwan-based, multinational computer hardware and electronics company that came into being in 1989. Stunningly, ASUS is the world’s NO.1 gaming brand and is well-known for the quality of its produced motherboard.

Is Asus Owned By Dell?

As a matter of fact, DELL outsources almost all the components from other manufacturers. So, you can’t say that ASUS is owned by Dell. But their most components could be the same.


Keeping the long story short, both brands are proved good in the run discussing ASUS vs Dell. But leads are always there. In some horizons like price tag, stylish design, incorporating good components, ASUS takes the crown.

Whist, in terms of offering high-end components, classier models, and unequaled customer support, Dell is more prominent. Overall, you can trust both brands, but just be choosy in selecting the right model for your field!

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