Asus Laptop Battery Not Charging

Batteries are the backbone of every laptop, and they have many important roles to play. You can consider it a powerhouse inside the laptop that provides power to the parts of the laptop.

As a result, the processor and whole laptop are cooled from within by the laptop fan. As a result, your laptop will heat up if the Asus laptop battery is not charging properly or it is damaged.

Furthermore, when your laptop heats up, your Asus laptop may suddenly shut down without warning and cause an issue “ASUS laptop charging light not on”. Since the level of heat indicators decreases when the temperature level increases, the indicator automatically shuts down your laptop to prevent further damage.

There are a lot of complaints by Asus laptop users that the Asus laptop won’t charge. If you are facing the same problem then don’t worry, the solution is here!

How to Fix Asus Laptop Battery Not Charging

There are a lot of reasons behind the Asus laptop not charging. Let’s discuss some legit methods to fix the Asus laptop not charging issue!

1. Remove Battery & Restart

Many times you just need to remove the battery from your Asus laptop then simply reinsert it. If your Asus laptop battery not charging then it will start charging after this method. Just follow the below steps;

Step #1

Open your laptop, Plugged in AC Adapter, and then click on the start button that is located bottom left corner. After that click on [su_highlight background=”#ececec”]“Power”[/su_highlight] and then click on [su_highlight background=”#ececec”]“Shutdown”[/su_highlight] .

Step #2

After shutting down, [su_highlight background=”#ececec”]“Remove”[/su_highlight] Battery from the laptop and wait 2 minuts.

Asus Battery Not Charging

Step #3

Now [su_highlight background=”#ececec”]“Insert Battery”[/su_highlight] again and press [su_highlight background=”#ececec”]“Power Button”[/su_highlight].

Step #4

Now you will see that your laptop battery will start charging. Congratulations! 🎉

[su_panel border=”1px solid #653fa0″ shadow=”0px 2px 2px #eaeaea”]Note: Sometimes you will face an issue that battery is charging and plugged in charger but battery percentage will not increase. This is very common issue![/su_panel]

Let’s know how you diagnose and fix this issue and make your Asus laptop battery chargeable!

2. How to Solve “Plugged In” But Not Charging Issue

This is a very common issue and almost every Asus laptop user faces this issue in his laptop in his life. When you will see that your laptop battery is not charging but the laptop showing the charger is “Plugged In” then no need to worry. Sometimes this issue will be solved by just restarting your Asus laptop.

Step #1

Remove all [su_highlight background=”#ececec”]“external devices”[/su_highlight] like USB, cables, or other types of wires, etc.

Step #2

Remove [su_highlight background=”#ececec”]“AC Adapter”[/su_highlight] or another means of Power of source.

Step #3

Click on the Start button then click on [su_highlight background=”#ececec”]“Power”[/su_highlight] After that just click on [su_highlight background=”#ececec”]“Shutdown”[/su_highlight]

Step #4

When the laptop is shut down then [su_highlight background=”#ececec”]Remove the Battery“[/su_highlight]and then reinsert after a minute or two.

Step #5

Plugin the AC adapter and then [su_highlight background=”#ececec”]“Press the Power Button“[/su_highlight] for 60 seconds to start your laptop. After doing this your laptop battery will start charging.

If this method is not working then there will be two reasons behind the Asus laptop battery not charging.

  1. Faulty AC Adapter
  2. Charger Fuse is damaged

3. Repair Faulty AC Adapter

Sometimes due to whole night charging or due to low and high electricity laptop, AC Adapter will be high damage. That’s a rare reason behind the battery not charging. It provides power to the laptop but not enough power that can be able to charge your laptop battery.

4. Fuse MalFunction

Fuse is also damage due to low and high electricity. You can change the fuse from just $0.2 to $0.4. If your Asus laptop fuse is damaged then you can solve this problem by just changing the fuse.

Charger Fuse is Damaged

5. Switch to Full Capacity Mode in ASUS Battery Health Charging

The fourth and last solution of the Asus battery plugged in not charging is to make sure that you are using battery health at[su_highlight background=”#ececec”]“Full Capacity Mode”.[/su_highlight]

Asus offers three features of “ASUS Battery Health Charging” that are;

  • Full Capacity Mode: The battery has been fully charged.
  • Balanced Mode: When the battery reaches 80% power, the charger stops recharging and when it reaches 78% power, it continues to charge.
  • Maximum Lifespan Mode: When the power above 60% reaches the battery, it stops charging, and then begins charging again when the power drops below 58%.

To enable full capacity mode to follow these steps;

Step #1

Click on Taskbar, and then on Show hidden icons in the bottom right corner.

Step #2

Click the battery health icon to activate the Full Capacity mode.

Step #3

To select the full capacity mode, click on the first option in the pop-up window. Once you’ve clicked OK, the change will be saved.

Step #4

When full capacity mode has been enabled, restart your laptop right after.

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If you plug your ASUS laptop in now, you should be able to charge it.

Frequently Asked Questions

[su_panel border=”1px solid #653fa0″ shadow=”0px 2px 2px #eaeaea”]

How do I reset my Asus laptop battery?

Shut down your Asus laptop. Remove all external devices and power sources. Remove Battery and wait some minutes. After that reinstall battery and plug in your laptop. Now the battery is has been reset, check either problem has been solved or not?


[su_panel border=”1px solid #653fa0″ shadow=”0px 2px 2px #eaeaea”]

Why is the laptop plugged in but not charging?

There are several reasons behind the laptop being plugged in but not charging. Some of them are;

  1. Faulty AC Adapter
  2. Fuse Malfunction
  3. Bad Battery


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How do you fix a non-charging laptop battery?

You can easily fix a noncharging battery by performing one authentic method. I have mentioned 5 methods, you can easily fix your laptop battery by reading the above methods.


Wrapping Up

If you feel this article is helpful then appreciate our efforts in the comment section. we have provided a detailed guide on Asus Laptop Battery Not Charging and provide you 5 authentic and legit method that I have already faced it. I personally face this issue many times, and mostly I just restart my laptop and it was charging the battery and in some cases, I had to change the fuse and AC adapter.

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