Asus and Ubiquiti: Bandwidth Comparison

Asus and Ubiquiti are the two routers, modems, PCs, laptops, and switches manufacturers who are believed to be highly competitive.

Well, both brands get compared because they manufacture and sell the most advanced and reliable routers, modems, PCs, laptops, and switches at highly competitive prices.

Since Asus and Ubiquiti get compared on several grounds, it would be nice to know which brand is better?

Asus and Ubiquiti

#1. Popularity

Asus and Ubiquiti are both reliable brands. However, if we compare the two brands on the ground of popularity, Asus can not compete.

This brand is usually included in the list of biggest names in the IT and networking industry.

Since Asus manufactures almost all IT and networking devices, it has become a go-to brand for most of us.

#2. Products

As mentioned above, Asus manufactures almost all IT and networking devices.

However, it specializes in manufacturing PCs, laptops, and routers. Whereas, Ubiquiti does not have much to offer. It is best known for routers, servers, modems, and switches.

#3. Design

Surprisingly, Asus has left Ubiquiti behind in the design race as well and Asus are easy to boot as well.

All Asus products appear fancy and techy whereas, Ubiquiti is focusing on rewarding with more unique and diverse designs. Learn how easy to locate a microphone in Asus.

#4. Operating System

The Asus creations are equipped with Asus operating system whereas, Ubiquiti uses Ubiquiti OS; hardware that is based on superior network control.

Upon comparing Asus and Ubiquiti’s operating systems, Asus has taken the lead. This brand offers better and faster connectivity than Ubiquiti.

Ubiquiti is not worthless as well, however, the Ubiquiti creations are a bit slower.

#5. Performance

When it comes to performance, Asus products are far better performing than Ubiquiti.

Almost all Asus products offer wonderful transfer rates. Whereas Ubiquiti offers better acceleration however it can not compete with Asus’s transfer rate.

The improved transfer rate makes Asus more versatile and better performing than Ubiquiti. Learn How To Turn Up Volume on ASUS Monitor?

#6. Area of coverage

Though Asus has been winning so far, Ubiquiti takes the lead on the ground area of coverage.

Ubiquiti is superior because it’s a hardware-based company that offers superior hardware acceleration. So, Ubiquiti wins.

The Asus offers a fantastic range as well but they can not offer as much better area coverage as Ubiquiti.

#7. Prices

Since Asus and Ubiquiti are both highly competitive, the price is more or less the same.

However, if we observe more keenly, due to high demand Asus products are slightly more expensive than Ubiquiti.

The Ubiquiti products are also costly enough to be called expensive but Asus has been charging more.

#8. Use

Ubiquiti and Asus target different industries. All Asus products are designed to facilitate serious gamers and professional graphic designers.

Whereas, Ubiquiti does not target specific needs. Therefore, the Ubiquiti routers are usually preferred for office use.

Asus or Ubiquiti? What’s better?

In general, Asus is a far more reliable option as compared to Ubiquiti. However, if we try to judge the brands more specifically, Asus is better for gaming and graphic designing than, Ubiquiti works well for office use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Asus a good brand?

Yes, Asus is considered a good and reliable brand for gaming and graphics design. All Asus products can not compete on the grounds of innovation, performance, and design.

What is the Ubiquiti brand good for?

Ubiquiti is a reliable brand. The products are versatile enough that works well for office use or general purposes.

Is Asus worth buying?

Asus rewards us with the most advanced, innovative, and unique products. Therefore yes, Asus is “totally” worth buying. Asus is an expensive brand however it offers great value for money.

Is Ubiquiti any good?

Yes, Ubiquity is a good brand. The Ubiquiti products are known for excellent software features, outstanding intrusion prevention systems, and top-of-the-line performance.

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