Are Toshiba Laptops Good in 2022?

On a clear note, Toshiba entails the honor of being the world’s first brand that introduced a portable computer. From that time this company attracted lots of users who loved innovations in the era of technology.

To meet the users’ needs, Toshiba produced lots of laptops ranging from budget-friendly to high-end models. But are Toshiba Laptops good? The very precise answer to this question is “YES”.

The models which are available in the market are proved good but unfortunately, you can’t get any new model as Toshiba stooped producing newer models. However, you can still get Toshiba old models which might suit your needs.

[su_panel shadow=”2px 2px 2px #653fa0″]When it comes to reliability, you can rely on Toshiba as their laptops are both stylish and durable.

You can expect to keep them with you for years to come. But if you love innovation and intended to upgrade the model after a year or two, then Toshiba isn’t a good brand for you.[/su_panel]

But if you want to stick on the same laptop for many years, then you can blindly trust Toshiba for your needs.

If you’re still confused and want to know the good and bad features of Toshiba Laptops, then just give this guide a go-to learn the nitty-gritty of Toshiba laptops. Let’s discuss every aspect in detail!

Why Toshiba Laptops Are Good?

If Toshiba is the name in your mind for your next purchase, then you will be excited to know about the attractive features of their laptops. That’s why we are going to discuss the good features which you can get won buying Toshiba laptops.


To be clear, Toshiba Laptops have never been poor in design. Although the design which they produce isn’t that innovative, they try to maintain the sleekness.

For instance, Kirabook 2015 is marked as the company’s skyline design that’s brushed, silver aluminum frame.

Why Toshiba Laptops are Good

And the models Radius 14 and 15 have all the wow factors in design compared to other competitive models.

So, you can expect to enjoy the moderately beautiful design which might not fade away in the recent world of technology.


Variety is the most important thing which attracts users to a brand. They have something for all including students, gamers, businesspersons, and professionals. Stunningly, they also have Chromebook in their collection to perfectly deal with entertainment geeks.

Moreover, lots of 2-in-1 Toshiba convertibles are also available to provide you with the best of both worlds. You can expect to find a laptop ranging from $300 to $1500 or even more.

Here we are going to enlist some of the widely known laptop series.

  • Kirabook Series
  • Tecra Series
  • Qosmio Series
  • Portege Range
  • Toshiba Satellite Series
  • NetBooks and Mini NetBooks Range
  • Chromebooks and 2-in-1s


On the moral high ground, Toshiba is a Japanese brand. And it’s famous about Japanese products that they last longer and longer for years. Following the trend, Toshiba is also an excellent brand in terms of producing the best durable laptops of the time.

No matter how harshly you deal with the Toshiba Laptops, you can easily manage to work on them for years and years. So, don’t be worried about the durability factor and accept this universally acclaimed fact.


Another important thing about Toshiba Laptops is the price range which attracted lots of users. Shortly you can say that Toshiba has great solutions for almost all budget-conscious customers.

Price of Toshiba Laptop

If you have a low budget and are in search of a good quality laptop, then Toshiba can hold your back compared to other brands such as Dell, HP, etc. But if you have a high budget, you can get pretty good models with Toshiba.


On the moral high ground, Toshiba is intended to provide a vanilla 1-year warranty on almost all of its laptops. But you have to pay the shipping charges if you want to send a laptop for quick repair.

On the other hand, the good thing about this brand is that it lets you upgrade your system without losing any of your coverage. That’s the basic reason why people are trusting this brand.


On the clear ground, Toshiba uses highly accurate software which comes with lots of security features such as password manager and fingerprint utility.

Moreover, their software shows regular updates to keep their users updated. But the Toshiba software isn’t that advanced and inadequate to meet the latest users’ needs.


When it comes to innovation, Toshiba is somewhat reliable in this regard. They have lots of different models to meet different needs. You can even get 2-in-1 laptops with 4K display and styluses.

Toshiba Innovation

Moreover, they tried to produce lightweight models which are need in the modern era. But to be honest, Toshiba isn’t that good in the field of innovation as Dell, HP, and other brands are. So, you can expect to enjoy basic designs, displays, and other features.


Another important thing to consider is the memory size which is the main concern for all users.

No matter you are a student or a business professional, you will need an ample amount of memory to store all your required files. To meet this need, Toshiba is a reliable name in this field.

Their different models have different memory sizes to let you choose one excellent for your needs. So, if you need variable memory sizes for different purposes, you can trust Toshiba without a doubt.

Why Toshiba Laptops Aren’t Good?

Now we are going to discuss some weak points of Toshiba to let you know where this brand is lacking. Here are some downsides of Toshiba.

Dull Design

To be clear, the design of Toshiba laptops isn’t that attractive. So, you can’t expect them to stand higher in the world where slim and lightweight laptops are ruling the world.

Offensive Warranty

The warranty provides by Toshiba is quite adequate which is One Year. Although Japanese products are excellent in terms of durability and can last longer, the warranty can hold you back. But the offensive thing is that to bear the shipment changes on your own.

Lacks Innovation

The major negative point about Toshiba is that they don’t prefer innovations in their models. Most of their models have the same designs, features, and looks. So, you can’ expect it to stand at the top in terms of innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Toshiba laptop better than Dell?

To be honest, both brands are good in terms of producing good laptops. Dell has the world’s best customer support.

But Toshiba laptops are more reliable and are equally good for rough users. If you want to stick to the same model, then Toshiba is more reliable.


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Can you still buy Toshiba laptops?

Rooted in, Toshiba has made its name from the early 1990s, but the line discontinued in 2016 when Toshiba left the consumer laptop market.

But their old produced models are still available to buy and they are still competing with most Dell models in terms of CD-ROM drives.


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Is it bad to leave the laptop plugged in all the time?

On the clear ground, leaving the Toshiba laptop plugged in can constantly damage its health. Keep in mind that excess heat can damage the battery on the laptop. So, we never recommend you to leave Toshiba laptops plugged in.


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