Are Laptops Allowed In Anna Centenary Library?

Yes, laptops are allowed in Anna Centenary Library. You can use it near the study tables there’s a plug point as well. You can use your laptop when working on your assignments at peace and calm.

Can We Take Laptop To Anna Centenary Library?

Yes, you can take your laptop to the library. You have to use it on table where you can easily make assignments and other tasks.

Moreover, also make sure that you have put your books on the table near the laptop so you can never feel any difficulty while reading book after using laptop.

In some libraries, they are not allowed to take laptops and bags. In our university library they don’t allow bags and laptops.

They said if you want to work on laptop then use our PC monitors for work or any other purpose but they don’t allows us to use our own laptops.

Can We Use Laptop In Connemara Library?

Yes, you can use your laptop in Connemara Library. They have a designated area for people to use their laptops.

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