Are Gaming Laptops Good for Video Editing?

Usually, people use PC for video editing. Video is the most demanding task that you can perform on any PC, including gaming laptops.

If you are a gamer or in the market for gaming machines but you also want to video editing then you can buy a gaming laptop.

Gaming laptops have high end and decent GPU graphics chipset and powerful processor that is very important in gaming.

A decent GPU, powerful processor and large  RAM size could handle everything in gaming and video editing.

A Different Set Of Demands

If we talk about gaming laptops then we came to know that in gaming, Graphics are the most important. It is because every gamer doesn’t compromise on the quality display while playing games.

In gaming, you need a very minimum amount of internal storage space, low memory but graphics and a decent processor are the most important factors.

If you want to buy a gaming laptop then one thing should keep in mind is that graphics should be high end. A poor graphic card will give you rough frame rates, low graphics display, a lack of features, and low visual quality.

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GPU (Central Processing Unit) unlocks all the abilities that allow gamers to play at higher resolution without lagging.

On the other hand in video editing, there is not much need for GPU. If you are a high-end worker who likes 3D rendering tasks and wants to edit on a high level then GPU can help you to perform excellent work.

So we have to know that a multi-core CPU, large memory, large storage, large RAM, and much more factors are important while doing video editing.

Buying Guide of Gaming Laptop

If you want to play games and do video editing on the same laptop then you should focus on some core factors while buying the gaming laptop. Remember you are buying a laptop that has both able to run games and video editing software with no lagging.

The laptop should be portable, having RAM of more than 8GB. We recommend you buy a laptop that has RAM of more than 8GB but 16GB is recommended. Moreover, you can focus on more factors like a smooth keyboard and touchpad.

What You Should Consider

There are many factors that you should keep in mind while buying a laptop for both gaming and video editing.

  • CPU
  • Hardware
  • GPU
  • Memory
  • Storage
  • The Screen
  • Hard Disk Space
  • Resolution
  • Keyboards and Touchpad

1. CPU (Central Processing Unit)

A laptop CPU is designed to handle everything in the laptop and also games. A CPU does not play any role in the graphics. Moreover, CPU also affects the performance of non-gaming applications and browsing etc.

When trying to decide the best CPU for gaming, one thing that should keep in mind is that the Processor should be number one. In addition, Intel provides a different range of CPUs but the Core i7 is the best processor. If you are a new gamer and you have no knowledge of CPU and Processor then you can buy a laptop with a Core i5 Processor.

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Core i5 is the slower CPU model that does not meet the requirements of gaming for professionals gamers. If you want a high-end speed and performance then you can buy a laptop with Core i7 Processor that is quite enough for gaming.

2. GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)

For basic video editing and gaming, an entry-level GPU is enough. In some cases, gamers try to play with GTX 1650 then is a decent choice sometimes.

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An Nvidia RTX 2060 would make an excellent choice if you need additional ray-tracing power for game editing tasks or you want a better gaming experience with a GTX 1660 Ti.

3. RAM (Read Only Memory)

If we talk about RAM then RAM should be more than 8GB for high-end gaming and video editing. According to the research report, more than half of laptop users use laptops with more than 8 GB RAM. As we know that video editing is required to install heavy software like premiere pro, Filmora, and many other Adobe software.

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The editing software is RAM hungry. All heavy editing software required RAM of more than 8GB for work. If you want to play games and video editing on a single laptop then we recommend you 16GB RAM.

4. Keyboards and TouchPads

As we know that in both gaming and video editing touchpad and keyboard play an important role. If you have a gaming laptop that has a smooth touchpad and keyboard and also has high RAM then you can go with that laptop for your work.

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5. Hard Disk Space

Generally, you need a large space while doing video editing your laptop. Sometimes you need to store files that are in GB so, you need a large storage laptop.

We recommend you buy a laptop with more than 500 GB of storage. It is because of your complete comforts, so you don’t face any issues while saving your file on the laptop. If you buy a laptop that has RAM of more than 8GB then your storage will automatically be more than 500GB.

6. The Screen

If you are budget sensitive then you could buy a gaming laptop without a high rate laptop screen. A large screen can make your gaming experience smooth and best but it will add some extra cost.

I recommend you not to use large screens laptops. If you don’t want to play games or edit video at 4K then don’t need to buy an expensive laptop with a large screen. It will not only expensive but on the other hand, it will also drain your laptop battery life quickly.

7. Resolution

If you have a laptop that has pretty graphics and has a large RAM size then you should also have a notch display for best matching. The minimum acceptable screen resolution size is 1920 x 1080. But this will not give you so much good display result.

While gamers tend to prefer glossy panels over matte, the former offers vibrant colors. Furthermore, some gaming laptops offer touchscreens, which are great for games such as, 8 Ball Pool, and Candy Crush.


Is a gaming laptop good for graphic design and video editing?

Yes, It is! If a gaming laptop has all features that are a basic requirement of video editing and graphic design then it is also good for both video editing and Graphic Designing.

Are gaming laptops good for Adobe?

Yes! Most of the gaming laptops have RAM of more than 8GB and storage of more than 500GB that is quite enough to run Adobe software. Therefore, gaming laptops are good for Adobe.

Is a gaming laptop OK for everyday use?

Yes! obviously, a gaming laptop is OK for everyday use. you can do your daily work on your gaming laptop. You do your daily task on the gaming laptop. As most gaming laptops have RAM of more than 8GB so you will face no lagging while doing your daily task on the laptop.

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