Are Gaming Laptops Good for Graphic Design in 2021

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I hope you are looking for the answer to the question “Are Gaming Laptops Good for Graphic Design” then you are landing on the right website. Before discussing this question in detail we will discuss what is graphic designing? and what is the requirements are the same for gaming laptops and laptops for graphic designing.

What is Graphic Design

Graphic design is a profession where professionals create visual content to communicate messages. Typography and pictures are used to meet the needs of users in interactive designs, as well as the logic of how elements are displayed, to optimize the user’s experience.

Are Gaming Laptops Good for Graphic Design?

Yes, this is possible. However, you must be sure that the GPU is suitable for your needs. People sometimes just buy laptops with the basic GPU and don’t swap in Quadro since the laptop itself can handle CAD/CAM quite well without the specialty video card. However, many people tend to buy these laptops and leave the Quadro card out entirely.

Build a system around a large amount of RAM and have two drives, one SSD for a boot drive and software and another one just for your data and a system image to restore from if the hard drive fails or becomes infected. After that, try to pick a GPU with any leftover money you have. Check Are Gaming Laptops Good for Video Editing.

Gaming  Laptop RAM:

If we talk about gaming laptop RAM then we came to know that every gaming laptop has RAM of more than 8GB. Even a very low-level gamer buys a laptop that has RAM of more than *GB. So, now the question is arises can we use a gaming laptop for graphic designing.

The quiet and simple answer is “Yes” you can use your gaming laptop for graphic designing. It all depends upon laptop RAM and storage. As we all know that graphic designing software’s like all Adobe software Draw more RAM as compared to other software.

You can run Adobe and other graphic designing software on your gaming laptop without any lagging if your system is powerful.

Gaming Laptop Storage:

In this age of technology, I believe that every gamer has a laptop that has storage of more than 528GB. It is because gamer needs high-end graphics in the gaming. They want full HD graphics while playing games.

As we know that PC games cover a huge space in the laptop. All gamers prefer laptops that have space of more than 524GB. It means you can use your gaming laptop for graphic designing work. You can easily store your graphic design work files on the laptop.

Don’t add anything else to your budget except the CPU. The speed of a CPU is determined by the amount of memory it has and how fast the disk drives spin. Make sure you have built a strong base for your CPU before splashing out on a faster processor.

A Graphic Designer’s Laptop: What Should He Look For?

In terms of laptop specifications for graphic designers, the following are crucial:

  1. The operating system
  2. RAM (memory)
  3. CPU
  4. Display Size and type
  5. Colour Accuracy
  6. Storage Drive
  7. Speed of the Laptop
  8. Built-in camera
  9. Screen resolution
  10. Dedicated graphics cards
  11. Processor
  12. Hard disk speed

Requirements of laptop for Graphics

  • CPU: Intel Core i7 or i5.
  • Display: 15 inches or larger and 1440 x 900 pixels at minimum.
  • RAM: 8 GB minimum is enough but 16GB is highly recommended.
  • Storage: Beginners should have at least 250GB of storage, while heavy users should have at least 524GB of storage.
  • Video Card: Dedicated RAM and a discrete video card improve laptop performance when dealing with 3D projects and video production.
  • Keyboard: For graphic designing keyboard should be smooth and if you are loved by backlit then the keyboard should be backlit.
  • Mouse or TouchPad: TochPad should be smooth and easy to work and you should easily move the cursor from one place to another.
  • Storage Drive: If you plan to backup your laptop with software, use a drive three times bigger than your internal drive.

You need to consider important specifications like memory, processor speed, and screen resolution when selecting the best laptop for graphic design. The best laptop for graphic design varies by model, brand, and designer.

Low-end laptops can’t run graphic design software, which requires a graphics card that uses shared system memory and is processor intensive.

I believe that the short answer is yes, in most scenarios. ‘Most’ includes all of the applications listed, however, if you suddenly started using CAD applications that utilize OpenGL then you would greatly benefit from having a Quadro card.

The Quadro card is much more expensive, however, and it is significantly less useful for gaming on the side as compared to a GeForce. Acer Nitro 5 is a famous laptop for gaming you can use it for both gaming and graphic designing work.


Gaming Laptop Guide

First, a gaming laptop should not be used if you expect to spend most of your time in front of a desk. Put your money towards a slim, light, and cheap ultrabook, a big monitor, and a graphics tablet, and spend what you save on a high-performance PC.

If you prefer, get a laptop that’ll take an external graphics card, plus one to match. You can also use two fast laptops and run a Quadro card simultaneously anyway, so you will get significantly better performance for your money.

The model you mentioned seems to be priced reasonably and has a 4k screen, a massive asset to a graphic designer. That said, I typically tell people to stay away from Alienware due to its reputation for overpriced products and poor customer service. Acer Predator Helios is another best laptop to perform both works like gaming and graphic designing.


Things that should avoid:

In addition, the Asus model lacks an SSD so expect slow loading times for large programs and files. It also lacks a high-definition screen, so it is a serious negative factor for a graphic designer.

Another suggestion: if this is the type of design you want, detach the screen and draw directly on it, and also need an all-day (or better) battery life, and not have to deal with carrying a massive 8lb+ laptop, check out the Microsoft Surface Book. You may like Lenovo Ideapad VS Dell Inspiron.

If you can afford it ($3,600) the top-end Alien could be faster than the Triton’s GPU, and other specifications would be comparable.

The New Razer Blade is another option and I believe it would be a better choice than the Alien. The specs of the Surface Book are similar to the Alien, but for a couple of hundred dollars more, it has a touch screen, is half the weight, has a better battery life than the Alien, and is not detachable like the Surface Book. If you want to know about diagnostic on Hp laptop then read How to Open BIOS on Hp Laptop.


Can gaming laptops be used for design?

Graphic design is definitely a benefit of gaming laptops. You can compare both laptop types by looking at the hardware specifications. Both emphasize similar specs. Using either of these requires a high-end GPU, for example. It’s important to remember a few things, however.

Can I use a gaming computer for graphic design?

Regardless of which graphic design program you choose, the software inside a gaming computer will be designed to make things easy for you. It should be noted that Steam estimates that the average gaming computer uses an Intel i7 processor and an Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics card. In most cases, this will be all you need to get started.

Is a gaming laptop good for graphic design and video editing?

Is it possible to edit a video on a gaming laptop? As you know, gaming laptops are mostly equipped with powerful graphics cards. Mid-range gaming laptops can’t handle editing 4K videos since their processors aren’t powerful. If you have a high-performance gaming laptop with both a high-performance GPU and CPU, you can edit videos flawlessly.

Final Verdict:

My personal experience from owning high-end gaming laptops who switched to ultralight laptops said that the size and weight are much reduced. In comparison, the Alienware you are considering is the same width as two A3 sheets, at the same thickness as a 600-page book, and it weighs approximately the same as two 2 liter soda bottles, and it must be carried everywhere.

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