Are Dell Laptops Good in 2022?

When you search on the internet or ask people about the best laptop brands, you will probably find Dell in the top five searches. This is because Dell has very loyal customers worldwide that love to use Dell laptops.

Dell is an American multinational company that is very famous for manufacturing electronics and especially laptops. Their laptops are recognized worldwide, and you can easily find the computer that meets your needs and depends upon your budget.

Unlike many other brands, Dell has lots of innovative features which are taking the heart of users. What kind of features you can get with Dell? What’s the overall rating of Dell Laptops? What people are saying about this brand? To get the answers to all these questions and much more, just continue reading with us!

Is Dell A Good Laptop Brand?

I know many of you have this question: Are Dell computers reliable, so here you will get all the answers to your questions like if Dell is good. So there are many factors to see and observe that either it is providing you the good laptops are not.

Critical Features Of Dell Laptop Brand

When we have checked the reliability of any product or brand, we see its key features and then concluded the results, whether these things are best for us or not. So here are some key features of the Dell laptop that make it unique in the world of laptops.

Dell Build Quality

The people who are confused about the Dell quality and having this question in mind are Dell laptops reliable? So the Dell company always fits the best and high-quality components in their laptops, for their valuable customers in all the range.

The Inspiron and the Alienware are the best examples; you can easily find the best laptops with the latest components.

Newest Dell Inspiron 3000

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Dell Innovation

The thing that makes the Dell laptop brand good in the market is the Dell innovations; Dell is the first manufacturer that introduces the four-sided bezel display their popular laptop XPS lineup.

They always tried to make their laptop the latest and advanced for their customers.

We know that the Dell laptops are heavy according to the other laptop brands, but they are manufacturing light-weight laptops.

Dell also has a record that it is the first brand that introduces the eye-safe screen display that has no harmful effects on your eyesight.

Dell Customer Support

Is the Dell laptop brand is good? Yes, because they also provide you the Dell customer support if you have any problem facing your laptop.

Then you can contact the support team and tell them about your situation, and their agents are always present to give the solutions.

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You can also do the live chat with the Dell agents and ask questions about your laptop.

Dell Warranty

The Dell comes with a one-year limited warranty on hardware parts, including the defects, phone troubleshoots the problem, and the two-way free shipping in the united states.

You can also avail of premium warranties and premium support contracts, and the best thing is that you can also extend your warranty period.

You can check your Dell laptop warranty by adding Dell EMC Product ID in the below image search box.

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Dell Laptops Ratings

When you buy anything, you first check the reviews of the people that have to purchase and use the products.

In this way, you can guess that this product has all the features and qualities you are looking for. Here are some key strengths of Dell that make it a good laptop brand.

Dell Premium Laptops

Premium Laptops

Suppose you think that Dell is only manufactured at the cheap average laptops. In that case, I suppose you might be wrong because Dell has many excellent, premium, and expensive laptops and provides you the features that even you cannot think of about them.

Dell XPS 15 7590 Premium

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Durable Laptops

Mostly, the Dell laptops are high in weight compared to the other laptops, brands, which increases the Dell laptop durability. So overall, the Dell laptops are durable; even their average laptops are very stable and reliable.

Excellent Warranty

Some of the Dell laptops come with a four-year warranty, and many people like this thing because you can quickly repair your computer at no cost. That’s why the Dell laptop brand is considered reliable.

Dell key Weakness

When we give a review about a product we have to define all of its positive and negative points so that the people can get the information quickly without any problem if a product has some crucial weakness point.

It doesn’t mean that that product is not good, people only say that these are the things that can be improved to make the product more efficient.

Wrong Value Selection For Mid-Range Laptops

Dell provides you the premium and good-budget laptops, but it has lacked mid-range quality laptops. So you need to spend a handsome amount to get the premium Dell laptops, and you can get the cheap laptops just by paying a tiny amount.


The other fundamental weakness of the Dell laptop is that they are high in weight, as usually you also observe that the Dell laptops are heavyweight, but this thing also makes them durable.

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What Do People In The Review Say?

The people love the Dell premium laptops as per their reviews, as they get more than they pay.

The Dell brand is also famous for providing cheap laptops to the world, as these laptops have the 2 to 4 rating for the typical hardware because of the low price.

[su_panel border=”1px solid #653fa0″ shadow=”0px 2px 2px #eeeeee”]Most people say that Dell doesn’t have mid-range laptops, which shows that Dell only provides laptops to the rich and the poor people. So we can say that Dell doesn’t like the middle range.[/su_panel]


Dell provides you laptops in different designs, as their premium laptops are slick and have a unique design. The Dell XPS series is famous for its beautiful design that looks like the polish gemstone in different scenarios.

You can also find the business laptops by the Dell brand, and some look like the business ledger when you fold the Dell Precision M6800. So if we change the people reviews on the Dell laptop design, we can give eight out of ten marks.

Are our Dell Inspiron Laptops Good?

The Inspiron is a famous series of Dell laptops. You can find many notebooks, and many of them ate premium laptops, so, in this series, you can find an outstanding laptop for every kind of your work, like for graphic designing, freelancing, and for the studying purpose.

Wrapping Up

Dell is a well-known laptop and computer brand all over the world, and they have a lot of innovations in their new and premium laptops. Their customer support and warranty services are excellent, and their value and selection service also achieves a high score in the market.

[su_panel border=”1px solid #653fa0″ shadow=”0px 2px 2px #eeeeee”]I know that you are thinking that what is the total score of the Dell laptops covering all the aspects at this time? We can give nine out of ten marks in total, which shows an excellent score and shows the progress of the Dell brand in the world. So overall the Dell provides you the best laptops that the rich and the poor can also buy according to their interest and budget.[/su_panel]

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