Are Alienware Laptops Good in 2022?

Alienware is a great name in the field of gaming. The company has made its name by producing high-performer PCs for video gaming and other high-end uses. You can’t go wrong even on extensive gaming with this brand. You can expect to get above-average gaming performance.

But that’s not the end of the world, the design and high-quality features are also there to provide you with the best of both worlds. Keeping the gaming aside, are Alienware laptops good? Well, this isn’t that easy to explain in a sentence.

The goodness of a brand is judged by considering its perfection in different fields. Although Alienware laptops are good for gaming, what about everyday use? Well, they still have some models to meet your basic everyday needs.

Overall, you can consider Alienware as a good brand in this world of technology. Most people consider Alienware as the BMW of PCs world.

Besides this, you might have other questions in mind like what’s the innovative features on their laptops, price range, and perfections.

To get the answer to all your questions, we have designed this comprehensive guide covering all the features which make this brand more reliable.

Are Alienware Laptops Worth It?

The most roaming question on the internet is, “is the Alienware laptop worth it?” The answer to this query lies in two factors; Budget and Your usage.

While getting the benefits, it’s not shocking that many people worldwide believe the Alienware laptop is defined as the best for gaming laptops.

For some customers, the unusually high price is unlikely to be a hindrance to purchasing. However, the cost is understandably high for others.

Luckily there are other alternative brands. This brand is pricey, but what you pay for, you will get.

This brand doesn’t design laptops especially for gamers but also for those searching for laptops with a powerful CPU and unique specifications.

Let’s dive into some key features of the Alienware laptop and pink Alienware laptop that stand out from this brand in the market.

Key Features

Below are important key features of Alienware that differ it from other brands.

Advance Display Option

Using a laptop is primarily a treat to the eyes. It is the experience that the display is the most frequently used feature when gaming, watching videos, or editing.

Using a laptop with a flat, lifeless display will deprive you of getting a gaming-level laptop. Alienware did not offer the chance to demonize its laptop displays.

Sci-Fi Design

These laptops come with a sci-fi design that exemplifies your tastes. This strange design of Alienware is your best choice.

Alienware’s products are rigorous and stiff due to the use of anodized aluminum, platinum, copper, and magnesium and feature excellent RGB lighting in numerous locations.

Alienware m17 R3

The command center lets you customize the colors and lights fully. They limited the flashing lights on the notebooks to a few key areas, giving the machines a more aesthetic look.

The Alien logo is imprinted in the center on the front cover; the laptop’s layout is unusual in a very satisfying way. And air-flow has a distinct honeycomb design that separates it from other laptops.

Powerful Specification

People will not pay you just for a unique design. The laptop’s performance is the main thing when someone wants to get a computer, and the computer will perform effectively only when it has powerful specifications.

These laptops possess a 10th Gen Intel CPU and Nvidia’s new super GPUs. Further, it has load balancing heat pipes: driven fan, SSD Raid configuration.


The newest Alienware laptops include the Tobii eye tracker and facial recognition technology, allowing you to log in to your machine more efficiently with a biometric login.

On the most recent laptops, a new cooling solution maintains the temperature ideal and enhances performance. The clear-coat paint methodology is resistant to stains and scars, allowing you to chow down while gaming without fear of staining your expensive device.

The most recent headphone jack involves custom-tuned drivers, sound earcups and rooms, and detachable microphones with fantastic voice quality.

Attractive Backlight

Alienware laptops aren’t just visually appealing and trendy. However, they come with  RGB backlighted keyboards, contributing to these fantastic machines’ overall stylish, modern appearance.

Alienware Attractive Backlight

The backlighting covers a wide range of areas that are completely adjustable via the command center. Lighting will extend to the touchpad, casing corners, keys, airflow section, and the logo on the cover.


The touchpad is a highly precise glass pad that gives high experience and satisfaction. The glass is a luxurious design feature that lets your fingers move more easily across the surface.


Although all gaming laptops have user-friendly keyboards if you compete with other brands, you will find Alienware keyboard unrivaled. using Anti-ghosting technology.

Alienware Backlit keyboard

This ensures that every button press is recorded, even when keys are pressed simultaneously, as gamers are vulnerable to do – the keyboard is perfect for customers with challenging performance levels.

You can adjust the lighting of the key individually, giving you a plethora of options.

What Is Notable Downside Of Alienware Laptops?

Here I want to aware you every product comes with some drawbacks. Some products will has more disadvantages, and some have less; in short, not empty of penalties.

In Alienware laptops, the advantages weigh more, but you should acknowledge significant downsides.


Even though gaming laptops are costly than traditional laptops, Alienware laptops are higher priced than all competitors. A gaming laptop can be purchased for less than $1000, and one with additional features can be purchased for around $1500.

[su_panel shadow=”2px 2px 2px #653fa0″]However, if you’re seeking for Alienware notebook, you’ll have to invest more than $2500, which is significantly high. If you have a limited budget, Alienware is not for you.[/su_panel]


As Alienware design is specially built for hardcore gaming, you can’t place it in your bag and carry it easily. The kit is thick, and the design is very bulky make this laptop heavy. So, it is another drawback that these laptops are heavy.

Why Is Alienware Laptop Costly?

Alienware laptop price is a common debate. Many people think that these laptops are very costly; they can get other effective laptops within less price. But are you confident you’ll get the same level of quality? OKAY! Let me answer the query why are Alienware laptops costly?

Alienware does not come with regular RAM. Their laptops are equipped with high video RAM for the extreme gaming experience. And apart from a reliability development system, Alienware motherboards are customized with many great features.

[su_panel shadow=”2px 2px 2px #653fa0″]When it comes to reliability, you can rely on Toshiba as their laptops are both stylish and durable. You can expect to keep them with you for years to come. But if you love innovation and intended to upgrade the model after a year or two, then Toshiba isn’t a good brand for you.[/su_panel]

Alienware offers an Accidental Fault Warranty that includes Premium Support for up to 4 years. Whatever you split, whether it’s your display, keypad, or you drop the notebook, and it breaks in half, they’ll fix it. You can contact them unlimited times to repair the machine.

So, in essence, they are expensive because, in addition to high-quality and high-performance laptops, they protect you in all areas. So, in the final moment, these machines are pricey for what you get. They are costly but well deserving.

Who Should Buy Alienware?

If you want a device that can support hardcore games, forceful video processing and sound mixing, innovative programming, this is an elegant choice. Yes, Alienware is expensive, but in return, you will get a high-quality product. If you’re a beginner and want a practical machine, then this would be your first choice.

[su_note note_color=”#d1e6fd” text_color=”#000000″]This is because the entry-level models are excellent PCs. If someone asks if the Alienware laptops are good? The answer is yes.[/su_note]

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